Creator of Prince of Persia Will be Honoured at Game Developers Conference

Jordan Mechner, the mind behind Prince of Persia and Karateka will be honoured at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) along with former White House digital media adviser Mark DeLoura. Both men are considered industry leaders, and will receive Game Developers Choice Awards for their respective contributions to the gaming industry.

Mechner will receive the Pioneer Award, which recognises ‘breakthrough tech and game design milestones’. Mechner has served as an author, screenwriter, and video game designer who created a phenomenon in classic Prince of Persia, which drew attention for its fluid, realistic animation techniques, relatively unheard of during the time of its release.

The Ambassador Award will go to DeLoura, who has a lineage of “helping the video game community, and (has) advocated for video games and digital entertainment as the Senior Advisor for Digital Media during the Obama administration”.

The Game Developers Choice Awards will take place on March 1 6:3o pm at the San Francisco Moscone Centre during the 17th annual GDC. Registration for GDC (which will be streamed on Twitch) is now open.