GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Introduces Ranked Play and New Cards

Creator of The Witcher series CD Projekt RED has announced a new update for Gwent, the standalone card game released just a few months ago. The update, part of Gwent’s closed beta, promises to bring some of the biggest changes yet, including ranked matches and an overhaul on the player progression system.

Players will have access to dozens of new cards, even premium versions which are animated. CD Projekt Red’s Lead Programmer Jason Slama spoke in detail about the newer progression system, in particular, how it will benefit players:

“We’ve been looking and thinking a lot about how to improve our reward system, and while most of you in our community seem to really enjoy the rate at which you get the rewards, there could be room for improvement. We want to give players progression in this even if they don’t win the match, but they still fight valiantly in the battle. Instead of progressing in the rewards only by winning a match, now whenever you manage to win a round, you progress through our reward system.”

If you haven’t played Gwent but are keen on learning how, CD Projekt Red has a tutorial that explains the basics. We also checked it out and thought it was pretty great.