The Witcher 3: Gwent Tutorial Teaches You How to Play

Gwent is one of the most popular activities among players of The Witcher 3. When they're not out slaying beasts and helping folks, players in The Witcher 3 can participate in games of Gwent to pass the time. This well-designed card game gives full-fledged TCGs a run for their money, even if it's only available in-game. Fortunately for Gwent addicts, there are venues for playing Gwent through the use of Tabletop Simulator.

The rules for Gwent are quite simple, but given the depth of the game, some players might feel out of their league. With this in mind, CD Projekt Red's Rafal Jaki and Damien Monnier have put together a tutorial video explaining the basics of Gwent as well as its more advanced details.

In Gwent, players lay down their units in a simulation of a battlefield with cards from across four different decks — Northern Kingdoms, Nilfgaard, the Scoia'tael, and Monsters. Each of these cards is played on three ranks, for melee, ranged, and siege weapons. Special cards can also impact conditions on the battlefields; fog, for example, lowers the attack rating for all ranged units.

The video tutorial explains some basic strategies and is aimed at players who've played a few games of Gwent.

Given how good the game is, it'd be really neat if CD Projekt Red eventually developed a standalone title with multiplayer support.