Xbox Head Confirms Xbox One Will Be Supported Past Project Scorpio Release


The next big console release for Microsoft is their code named Project Scorpio. Not much information has been released yet for the console, but Microsoft has been doing plenty to further hype up their upcoming console launch. This includes big statements such as the most powerful console to launch in the market. With such big statements being tossed around, it has some Xbox One owners concerned that their console support will soon be dropped.

If you’re an Xbox One owner then you have nothing to worry about according to Microsoft’s Xbox head, Phil Spencer. A Twitter user by the name of Poncho Hurtado recently reached out and asked Phil Spencer directly if the Xbox One and Xbox One S will see a discontinue in support from Microsoft after the release of Project Scorpio.

Phil Spencer replied stating that the Xbox One and Xbox One S will continue to be support for many years to come. Project Scorpio is not a replacement for these consoles, but instead an updated more high-end console release for gamers interested in getting the most performance out of a console.

Even developers have chimed in about the console one of which was Moon Studios CEO, Thomas Mahler. Thomas has stated that the upcoming release of Project Scorpio in his eyes is more than just an updated console release but he instead viewed it as a next generation console altogether.

We’ll likely know more about Project Scorpio in detail during this year’s E3 event. This may include the various components and features of the console along with a price point or release date. In the meantime, we’re curious to know if you’re interested in the Project Scorpio already or are you waiting for further details to be unveiled? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.