Sierra’s Tactical Shooter SWAT 4 Explodes onto GOG

As fans of the Police Quest and SWAT series are aware, SWAT 4 is a game with a lot of history. It first released in 2005, was beefed up with its expansion pack The Sketchkov Syndicate the following year, and today, it has finally landed on completely DRM free.

SWAT 4 will come bundled together with SWAT 4: The Sketchkov Syndicate in SWAT 4: Gold Edition. In SWAT 4, players assume the role of the crime-fighting elite who are tasked with ridding the city of dangerous criminals. Navigating a five-man team through a gritty, tumultuous city of chaos, you must resolve casino-raids, pacify hostage situations and minimise any collateral damage using some versatile, top of the range police gear.

Interested players can grab SWAT 4: Gold Edition from today for just $9.99 USD. The previous titles in the series are also available, here and here. Two of the members from the game’s core design team have spoken about the development process, their thoughts on shooters, and what they’re up to these days. Read the interview here.