Gorgeous Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood Collector’s Edition is Here

Square Enix has announced today that a premium-priced collector’s edition for upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Stormblood is now available for preorder.

This stunning special edition of Stormblood comes with the expansion and some really awesome items. There is a cloth map of Eorezea, an art book, a logo sticker, and an “expertly crafted” Zenos yae Galvus figurine. The size of the figurine was not shared. All of these items come packaged inside a special “art” box.

You also get digital items that are just as exclusive. The Syldra mount, the Wind-Up Bartz minion, and the Chicken Knife. You can also purchase a digital upgrade that includes the collector’s edition digital items, with none of the physical ones, for a price that has not yet been announced

The collector’s edition costs $200.

Stormblood, the second expansion for the MMO launches on June 20th. Preordering any edition of the expansion provides early access that begins on June 16th, along with two in-game items: the Wind-Up Red Mage minion and the Ala Mhigan earrings. Those who preorder through the PlayStation Store also get an exclusive theme and avatar.

Square Enix announced Stormblood back in October alongside the 4.0 update. Stormblood increases the level cap from 60 to 70 and adds new dungeons, raids, gear, and a fourth residential area.

Preorders for the PS4 and PC collector’s edition are available through the Square Enix store.