Mass Effect 3: Future Single-Player DLC Depends on Success of Leviathan

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan

Mass Effect 3 has seen a host of DLC releases over the months since its release, most of which have been in the form of add-ons and content for the game's cooperative multiplayer mode. Apart from the Extended Cut update, which expanded upon the game's ending, the latest add-on for the game, Leviathan, has been the only single-player DLC for the title.

It goes without saying that many fans were put off from buying any single-player expansions for Mass Effect 3 because of the way the game ended—with or without the Extended Cut.

The ending is, as those who've played the game would know, final, with no possibility of a future for the Commander Shepard character. As such, a DLC like Leviathan, regardless of the quality of its content, may fail to interest anyone who feels as though their story has already ended.

Speaking on Twitter in response to a fan who asked whether BioWare had any plans to develop single-player DLCs in the future, Mass Effect 3 writer Patrick Weekes intimated that these plans would hinge upon how well Leviathan does.

"Future DLC plans of any kind depend upon success of Leviathan," he wrote. "If we see that people want SP DLC, can always make more."

So there you have it. If Leviathan does well, we may yet see more adventures for Shepard and the crew of the Normandy. In BioWare's defense, it wouldn't make much sense for the studio to work on DLC no one's going to play.