Star’s Pregnancy Helped Improve Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The Resident Evil film franchise may potentially come to an end with this sixth installment known as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which is set to premier within the United States later this month on January 27, 2017. Originally, we may have had the film earlier though due to the lead protagonist’s pregnancy, production of the film was pushed back. However, according to the director and writer Paul W. S. Anderson, Milla Jovovich’s pregnancy helped improve the upcoming film.

Paul W.S. Anderson spoke to the Collider during an interview in which he revealed that the pregnancy of Milla Jovovich actually helped improve the film. While hyping up the film and comparing it to the first entry in the Resident Evil cinematic franchise, Anderson stated that the extra time off from the film production had allowed him to fine tune various sections.

At the time, there were already movie locations and action sequences that have been locked in, though with the time off, Anderson was able to further flesh out these moments and offer a more in-depth movie. That remains to be seen as the film has yet to premier within the United States.

Resident Evil has come a long way within the film franchise as the first entry released back in 2002. Now that the sixth installment is preparing to launch later this month, it will be interesting to see if another installment ends up being drafted by Anderson.

As for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the film takes place three weeks after the events of Resident Evil: Retribution. Alice must head back to where it all began, Raccoon City, in order to save humanity from total annihilation.