Super Mario Run Falls Outside Top 50 Best-Selling iOS Apps in US

Nintendo’s debut in the mobile ludosphere started off remarkably well, with Super Mario Run fetching $14 million USD in just three days. Just shy of three weeks, the game had amassed a total of $30 million USD with a reported three million iOS users parting with $10 USD for the full app experience. However, recent data from mobile App Store market intelligence group Sensor Tower indicates that the popularity of Super Mario Run is beginning to wane.

Based on the data above, Super Mario Run has dropped out of the top 50 highest grossing apps in the U.S., a statistic which is mimicked in Japan where the game has fallen to 101, and Great Britain, where it is the 60th highest grossing app.

With the upcoming Android release of Super Mario Run just around the corner, a revenue spike could see the game return to a position inside the top 50 once more.

Super Mario Run was the second most downloaded app on the App Store in 2016.