Grand Theft Auto IV Back to the Future Mod

A handful of Grand Theft Auto fans have gotten together and created a truly amazing mod that will change how you play GTA IV. This group of fantastic gamers took the world of Back to the Future, and made it considerably more violent. YouTube user seedyroom34 has posted a video, showcasing all of the amazing features they have crammed into the original game.

The mod bestows a full Marty McFly character skin on the player, boasting that stylish orange puffy vest that only a hunter could love. The DeLorean has been completely modeled, from the exterior accents to the Flux Capacitor and is prepped for time travel. After hopping into the future car, a working Time Circuit appears in your HUD, along with the Plutonium Gauge reading "Full" or "Empty."

You can control the time circuit with your number pad, entering your intended arrival date, and get ready to take this bitch to 88. With the Time Circuit and Plutonium Gauge active, all you have to do is get your car up to that magic number and you'll make the jump, leaving behind an appropriate fire trail. The car teleports past the jump point and you have arrived at any point in the future or past.

This mod requires quite a lot of tweaking, and shouldn't be attempted if you aren't mod-savvy. Instructions are available on the YouTube page, along with a long list of credits to the dedicated fans who made this happen.