Play Destiny’s Iron Banner Again With Awesome New Rewards

Iron Banner is returning to Destiny, this time with stylish new gear. The Bungie weekly update has offered a peek at the rewards offered in the PvP mode.

Here is the official update from Bungie regarding the previous mode, rift, which was met with a little grievance. Fans this time should be happy to hear that the new mode is Clash.

“Efrideet’s last call to arms was to play a ballgame charged with dangerous energy. While the sparks were flying in the game, there was a spirited conversation about Rift in our community – and many of you came around to embrace its charms. This time, we can dispense with the debate. A good, old-fashioned shooting match should appeal to anyone with a favourite exotic weapon.

Iron Banner will kick off Tuesday, January 17th at 10am PST and runs until Tuesday, January 24th at 1am.