Nintendo Prices Switch Accessories High; Pro Controller Set for $70

Gamers who are excited about the Switch’s mobility and home console features might get upset at Nintendo for pricing the accessories the way they did.

As Nintendo details the accessories on their website, a Switch-compatible Pro controller will cost players up to $70. The prices continue on this path as the JoyCon controllers — the two detachable sides of the Switch — is priced at $80.

The crazy prices don’t stop there as an extra Charging Dock TV kit will cost $90. Luckily one will be included in the base model, but if you want to move the console around the house without bringing the Dock, you might be out of luck — unless your willing to spend nearly an extra $100.

Gamers can also get a JoyCon Charging Grip for $30 that combines the new JoyCons and allows them to charge without being connected to a wire. Lastly, for those who want a realistic feel when playing driving/racing games, there will be a JoyCon Wheel add-on for only $15.

There might be games for couch co-op fun, but with these prices, it’s almost impossible to get all your friends together to play a game of your choice.