Destiny Details Next Iron Banner and An Incoming Hotfix

Now that The Dawning, Destiny’s holiday event has wrapped up, players can expect a return to the more regularly scheduled events. Bungie has used today’s weekly update to detail the next Iron Banner competitive tournament.

Crucible players will be taking to the battlefield next week on Tuesday, January 17th, and will engage in a full week of ranking up with the Iron Banner vendor, Efrideet. An excellent sidearm and rocket launcher will be available for acquisition. Also, if you are in need of the Iron Banner arms or chest piece, definitely play some matches to get your loot.

The new hotfix ( is not as rich as some players may have been hoping for, but it does address several notable issues, including Plaguelands enemies being unreliable to drop necessary patrol rewards, as well as weapon stability issues with both the Nova Mortis and Abaddon, the two newest exotic machine guns in the game.

A few other issues will not be addressed, unfortunately, until a later update, including a frustrating bug where skeleton keys have been disappearing from players’ inventories. The other issue that has not been addressed yet is during Trials of Osiris when rounds of an Elimination game don’t end when they’re supposed to, allowing a round-winning team to rebuild supers while the enemy team remains dead.

The update does suggest that the Live team is working on another update. There are no concrete details for the update, but there is an early hint of an imprending spring update for the game, but we will have to wait and see.

You can read more about the weekly update on Bungie’s official site.