Majestic Adventure Troll and I Captures the Imagination With New Story Trailer

Scandinavian adventure game Troll and I has a new cinematic story trailer which explains the origin of protagonist Otto and his family. As Otto narrates, we begin to learn how they came to the woods to live in harmony with the land, despite claims by locals that it wasn’t a hospitable environment.

In search of a rare, fabled creature, corrupt men who prize power and lusted after material wealth burn all that stands in their path, forcing Otto to work together with the very troll they seek and to prevent arcane, unimaginable forces from being unleashed into the wild.

The trailer highlights the action studded gameplay and collaborative teamwork of Otto and the Troll, as they both fight not only to survive, but to defend their home from mindless invaders. Interested players can pre-order the game today through Amazon, Best Buy or Game Stop for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Maximum Games