Heroes of the Storm Video Demonstrates New Warcraft Character’s Abilities

Zul’jin was revealed for Heroes of the Storm last month, he is the next Warcraft character on the way to the game. The video below showcases his abilities and talents and provides a full run down of all of his abilities. Zul’jin’s Berserker trait increases his attack speed and damage at the cost of his health.

Zul’jin is a ranged assassin troll who thrives as he loses health. He is a high skill-cap character with the primary abilities of Grievous Throw, Twin Cleave, and Regeneration. His ability to cost health and do additional damage at low health is an interesting combo. Low health causes one of his Heroics (Guillotine) to do far more damage than otherwise.

His other Heroic choice, Taz’dingo prevents his health from dropping below one (while still allowing him to attack). However, when it is combined with the additional damage that he can do, it proves to be a difficult ability to counter.

Zul’jin arrives as part of today’s patch, which should be available now. The update also makes some balance changes, adding armor to three characters (Arthas, Anub’arak, and Greymane in his Worgen form), improving Azmodan’s All Shall Burn and adjusting other characters.

The full patch notes are listed here.