Closed Crytek Studio Revived as Black Sea Games

Last year it was announced that Crytek Publisher – the men and women behind the FPS hit, Crysis – would be closing down a few of their studios, most probably to ease financial pressure. One of those studios was Crytek Black Sea, which has now been reborn as an independent studio: Black Sea Games

The company states on its new website that it was formed in November 2016, which predates Crytek’s December studio closure announcement, suggesting that the shutdown of the studio occurred earlier than the announcement. The website also confirms that Black Sea Games is currently working on a project, but isn’t yet ready to announce anything.

The studio’s mission statement reads “Our mission is to create hard-core games that will entertain you over and over again. We believe the best gaming experiences are coming from challenging the players with meaningful choices, while giving them the freedom to create (and share) their own in-game stories.”

The new development house is headed up by Vesselin Hanjiev, who was previously managing director when the studio was under the Crytek banner. He served the same role before Crytek purchased the company in 2008, after founding what was then called Black Sea Studios in 2001.

So far, it is unknown how many original Crytek employees has joined under the banner of Black Sea Games.