Detroit: Become Human & Dreams Not Confirmed For 2017

2017 has been shaping up to be a great year in terms of video game releases for both consoles and the PC platform. Sony’s PlayStation EU YouTube channel recently uploaded a teaser video showcasing a number of video game titles launching for the PlayStation 4 console this year. However, it seems that at least two of those video game titles were slipped in by accident.

As mentioned, there are already several great video game titles that are confirmed to launch this year and we can’t wait to get our hands on them, but apparently, development team Quantic Dream’s title Detroit: Become Human and Media Molecule’s Dreams, are two titles that are not necessarily confirmed for a release date this year.

Rumors started to spread a bit more after Sony PlayStation EU YouTube channel featured both titles in their 2017 teaser video, until Sony Worldwide Studios president for SIE, Shuhei Yoshida, spoke up when questioned on Twitter.

Twitter user @nightygale reached out to both development teams to question if their upcoming video game titles were set to launch in 2017 when Shuhei Yoshida replied stating that the video games featured were a mistake.

Before we all get bummed out that both titles have not been confirmed for this year, Shuhei Yoshida nor the development teams specifically stated that the video game titles were not launching in 2017. This simply means that the video games do not currently have a release date attached.

We very well could see both Detroit: Become Human and Dreams launch at some point this year, though we’ll simply have to wait until Sony or the development teams officially release a launch window.