Wii U Virtual Console Adds Mario Kart 64 to the Collection

Nintendo Wii U’s Virtual Console is being updated with the addition of Mario Kart 64, which will be available to North American audiences starting December 29. It was out for Europe in January of 2016.

Mario Kart 64 originally released in 1996 and was destined to become the second best selling game on Nintendo 64. Succeeded by Mario Kart: Double DashMario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8, the Mario Kart franchise still manages to inspire Mario Kart themed flash mobs in shopping centres around the world.

The Wii U virtual version of Mario Kart 64 will allow players to get into the racing spirit with the Grand Prix mode and go up against friends in Battle mode, but will not support ghost data saves. Players who already own the game on Wii Virtual Console will be able to upgrade to the Wii U version for an additional $2.00 USD.

Mario Kart 64 for the Wii U Virtual Console will cost $10 USD.