Halo 4 Limited Edition Content Leaked

Two images have surfaced showing off the special items gamers can look forward to in the limited edition of Halo 4. Based on the different content, it can be assumed that there will be exclusive retailer editions. Check out the images and the detailed listing for each image below.

Exclusive In Game Armor – Fotus

Avatar Costume – Fotus Armor (available for the gents and the ladies, thanks 343)

Avatar Prop – Promethean Crawler

In Game Weapon Skin – Forerunner Lightrifle: Skin: Imprint

In Game Unique Emblem – Unicorn

In this second image, you can see another set of limited edition items.

In Game Armor & Skin – Armor: Recruit, Skin: Prime

Avatar Costume – Recruit Armor (also available for male and female avatars)

Avatar Prop – Cryo Tube

In Game Weapon Skin – UNGC Assault Rifle, Skin: Prime

In Game Unique Emblem – Prime

I remember the days of the creating the girliest Halo avatar possible and it seems like the limited edition of Halo 4 is giving me the chance to show off what a lady I am as I teabag my opponents into submission.