Get a Xbox One S this Week and get a Free Gift

If you learned from last year, and the year before that (and the year before that), you would have a little bit of extra cash saved to get some Post-Christmas goodies, like this awesome Xbox One S deal:

Microsoft has announced a promotion between them and retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Target and Gamestop, that if you buy an Xbox One S you will receive a free gift. The promotion ends just before the 31st.

Console purchases at Best Buy, Amazon or Walmart: a free Xbox wireless controller alongside the system

Console purchases at Gamestop: a free Stereo Headset in either white or black colors alongside the system

 Console purchases at Target or Microsoft Stores: A free game of your choice, from many different options available. (This will be on top of the pack-in game that you receive with the bundle.)
Pretty great deals if you ask me, especially considering most consoles go for 250$ – 300$ and since most games or controllers are in the 50$-80$ range.
Merry Post-Christmas I guess?