Guillermo Del Toro Bashes Konami Via Christmas Message

Guillermo Del Toro sent a rather unfriendly holiday greeting Konami’s way two days ago. The director wished everyone “happy holidays”, but added an extra special something in there.  The full tweet reads, “Important Holiday messages that right true today as they always have: Feliz Navidad. Happy Holidays. F*** Konami.” He appended his typo in a second tweet, “I meant ring, sorry- still, F*** ’em.”

Konami has yet to reply to the sentiment. Del Toro’s failed Silent Hill game, Silent Hills was a survival psychological horror video game that was cancelled by Konami back in April 2015. Shortly after P.T , the game’s playable teaser, was pulled from the PlayStation Store.

Even though Del Toro’s relationship with Konami is no more, his friendship with Hideo Kojima, who has since left Konami to form his own studio, seems to be as strong as ever. Kojima featured Del Toro in the trailer for his latest game, Death Stranding, which has the usual hallmarks of Kojima’s style.

However, Del Toro’s exact role in the project has not been revealed. But it’s very unlikely that he is directly involved with making it, as he has sworn not to undertake another endeavor like that again. Not only did Silent Hills fall apart on him, but developer THQ went bankrupt while he was working with them on a new horror game.

Unfortunately it does not look like video game production will be in Del Toro’s future considering his previous track record with them.