All the New Features That Could Come to Rented Servers for Battlefield 1

DICE has outlined the features that it may add to the Battlefield 1 rent-a-server feature in the future. The developer listed these off in a blog post, beginning with a separate admin control panel that players can use to kick or ban players, form VIP lists, and a host of other options.

The Kick/Ban tab will show a list of all the players on a server, from there you will have the option to take action against them. Once a player is banned, they get put into a list of banned players, and you can lift it later if you so choose.

The VIP list is a list of players who get priority where there is a sever queue. One example DICE provided is that if you run a clan and members pitch in for the server cost, you can designate them as VIPs.

Another new feature DICE is considering is password-protected servers. The downside here is that it makes servers unranked, so no one would receive any experience or progression, though all equipment is available.

Here is a list of some of the new settings that DICE is considering as well for rent-a-server, with descriptions written by DICE:

Squad Leader Spawn Only

  • A popular setting from previous titles. We are looking to add this in a future update so server admins can set this on their server.

Behemoth On/Off toggle

  • A new setting for admins where they can turn off the Behemoth from spawning on their servers.

Whole Magazine Reload

  • A setting from previous Hardcore versions. Admins will have access to turn it on or off on their servers.

DICE also said that it is considering redesigning the Battlefield 1 server browser. In its current state, it doesn’t do enough to highlight rented servers, DICE admitted. “In an effort to address this, we are looking into giving all rented servers priority in the server browser. This means that rented servers will always be displayed at the top of the server browser,” DICE explained.

Finally, DICE teased that there are “other functions” that the studio is considering that it’s “not ready to talk about just yet.”