Pokemon Go Is Now Available For the Apple Watch

Pokemon Go is now available for download on the Apple Watch starting today.

Niantic Labs has released a blog post talking about the app’s availability. However, Pokemon cannot be caught through the Apple Watch version of the game. Players can use the Apple Watch only to discover Pokemon around them. However, if notified about nearby Pokemon via the smartwatch app, players must catch them via the iPhone version. The Apple Watch can be used to collect items from PokeStops, though.

When a player uses Pokemon Go via the Apple Watch, it will also count toward a player’s cumulative distances for hatching Pokemon Eggs and for receiving Candy from their Buddy Pokemon. In addition, the Apple Watch app also notifies users when Eggs are hatching and if they have earned any medals during their journey.

Pokemon Go‘s port for the Apple Watch was initially announced at an Apple event in September, though Niantic had said littler more about this particular version of the game since then.  However, earlier this week, the Pokemon Go official Twitter account stated that the Apple Watch was “coming soon.”