Killer Instinct Will be Getting a Kickass New Character

Microsoft has been slowly but surely revealing the characters for their next Killer Instinct DLC. The free-to-play game will be graced by the introduction of Kilgore.

Kilgore arrive in January 2017 in the new patch. We know this because players can see the new character in the video which shows off the new patch. Kilgore can be seen sporting machine gun arms (awesome!). What is interesting from a PR perspective is that the Killer Instinct community manager- Rukari Austin- teased at the possibility for players  to compete against Kilgore before he launches. Unfortunately no specifics were provided, however.

The new update for Killer Instinct is now available on PC and Xbox One. Update 3.6 adds many new features, such as the ability to choose Survival vs AI or Shadows without owning a Shadow (which allows for more freedom for players), and the update adds a series of new skins to unlock, including gold and platinum ones.There have also been some minor gameplay changes when it comes to fighting combo’s and regeneration.

Developers, Iron Galaxy, will release details in the future in the new character leading up to his launch.