Astroneer Lands on Steam, Brings the Wonders of Space to Earth

Freshly released on SteamAstroneer is a game which charts the interplanetary explorations of future travellers. It takes place during the 25th century amidst a frenzied gold rush, where players must survive within harsh environments for a taste of the coveted shiny yellow metal.

The most important tool governing Astroneer‘s gameplay is the ability to shape the terrain into something new, which allows players to extract resources from planets and moons. The planets come with procedurally generated environments and a plethora of items that can be transformed into new tools, custom vehicles, and modules.

Astroneer features both singleplayer and online multiplayer campaigns, which support up to 4 players and can also be played co-operatively. Earlier this year, Astroneer was one of several projects selected by Epic Games to receive an Unreal Dev Grant, and was also exhibited at this year’s Day of the Devs in San Francisco.

Currently in early-access, Astroneer will cost you $19.99 USD. It is available for PC, and for Xbox One via the Game Preview program. Follow the game on Twitter to keep afloat with the latest news.