Leaked: Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitters Will be Named and Shamed

According to some leaked screenshots posted on NeoGAF, Capcom has devised a new method of punishment for Street Fighter 5 rage quitters.

Since the game’s launch, Capcom has been actively targeting Street Fighter 5 players who ‘rage quit’, or disconnect from an online match still in progress in order to preserve their rank and deny their opponent a victory. From working on permanent solutions to the problem to temporarily locking out players from matchmaking and taking away league points, Capcom’s persistence in creating a fair competition has seen a drop in the number of incomplete matches.

The most recent preventive measure put forward is naming and shaming players who rage quit, by branding their profile with a skull icon. Similarly, players who don’t rage quit will have an icon of their own, making it easier to match up against other competitors with the same icon.

Previous penalties like being locked out of matchmaking will still be incurred in addition to the skull icon branding, emphasising Capcom’s tough stance on the matter.

Street Fighter 5 is out now for PC and PS4.