Vainglory Celebrates a Milestone By Launching Its Biggest Update Ever

Super Evil Megacorp has today released Update 2.0 for Vainglory, the MOBA built for the touchscreen generation. Update 2.0 marks its own milestone, being the biggest update yet for the game. It introduces a lot of highly requested features that give back to elite players while at the same time making the game more inviting for new players.

Updates include a new hero, Idris. Idris is a new Assassin class Hero that adapts his fighting style for any situation. Players can build Idris for melee combats or ranged attacks suiting his speed and chakrams.

The new Mystery Chest features prizes of epic proportions. Players have more than a one in three chance of earning any hero or skin currently available in the market. There is also a very rare opportunity of hitting a 1 million Opals jackpot which could set a player up for life.

The update also introduces winter-themed skins including a festive Gift-Wrapped Fortress, Winter War Catherine, and Winter War Kestrel. Gladiator Ardan also has a Death Mask and Wolf’s head cloak.

Improvements to guilds have also been made with the new guild finder feature. More administration features and guild rewards are here, allowing players to earn guild fame solo, but earn even more when they all work together.

The final addition is new hero titles. Three core roles have been introduced in the latest update: captain, carry, and jungler. Easily identifiable roles allow new players to understand heroes and experienced players to pick out team weaknesses before a match.

More detailed information can be found on the Vainglory blog, here.