This Little Acre: A Lovingly Crafted Odyssey to Another World

Set in 1950’s Ireland, The Little Acre takes players on a memorable journey through a garden shed which functions as a portal to a mysterious world. One morning, the job-hunting engineer Aidan goes missing, leaving his daughter Lily to set off and find him.

Developed by Dublin based Pewter Games Studios and published by Curve Digital, The Little Acre can be conceptually traced back to a project for a Master’s degree. Over several years, it grew into a traditional point and click adventure featuring hand drawn frame-by-frame animations, an original score, and full voice acting. The Little Acre also comes with unique transitions to an isometric perspective. Both Lily and Aidan will be playable characters.

The Little Acre is out now on Steam and GOG for PC, Mac and Linux, and is also available on Xbox One and PS4. Pewter Games Studios’ Ben Clavin has ensured PlayStation 4 owners controls have been optimised for console. For more, stay up to date with Pewter Games Studios through Twitter and Facebook.