Players Better not be Staying Home Alone While Playing the New Hitman Content

IQ Interactive released their new hitman content this week. The Paris Christmas mission assigns players to “take care off” to thieves, but there is a twist. What IQ Interactive failed to tell us (or surprised us with) is that the two people players are to kill, are the two idiot baddies from the Home Alone film.

“Smokey” Bognato and Marv “Slick” Gonif apparently were forced to flee the U.S. after they were taken out by a 7 year old and his toys (if I’m honest, I would give up and leave to). Unfortunately for the two idiotic goons, leaving the U.S. doesn’t make things better for them. The unlawful twits must now face Agent 47 (and rest assured, his toys are a whole lot bigger and better than 7 year old Harry’s). Oh well maybe Agent 47 won’t go to hard on them, after all, they have been through a lot already.

When it comes to the jingle noise you hear, players still don’t know where it’s coming from, though one can only hope it’s present.