New Worlds Adrift Trailer Presents a Windswept Paradise

Bossa Labs, known for Surgeon Simulator and physics-based I Am Bread announced that it would be working on a new multiplayer sandbox game called Worlds Adrift earlier this year.

From a content perspective, Worlds Adrift is worlds apart from Bossa Labs’ previous titles. In it, players share a multiplayer environment that lives and breathes, heavily deviating from the more traditional mould of MMORPG’s which familiarise players with tasks, choreographed environments, and events that replay themselves for every new player. Instead, Worlds Apart offers procedurally generated islands on a massive scale, freeform gameplay unbound from the confines of XP and levelling systems, and a reactive world that rusts and ages with time, depending on your actions.

Remnants‘, the latest trailer from the game, highlights Worlds Adrift’s scope through the multitude of activities available to players, including crafting, building sky ships, and becoming pirates, while the passage of time flows freely, recording the consequences of every action.

World’s Adrift is set to launch early 2017. Interested Players can sign up for the beta here.