Walking Dead Season 3’s First Episode gets a New Trailer

This month the third season for Telltale’s Walking Dead series begins. Called “A New Frontier”, the season will start off with a two part episode (because apparently it’s too intense for just a one part episode). The episode is entitled: The Ties That Bind and will launch on December 20th.


Telltale have been smart in building up the hype for the new season, and it shows in their new launch trailer that was released.

Ties That Bind will explore the events and situations that brought Clementine and Javier (as well as his family) together. The first episode will also give the audience and fans an appearance from Jesus and other well established, fan-favourite characters.

Walking Dead’s A New Frontier will launch on PC, Xbox One and Ps4 (as well as iOS and Android devices) on the same day (December 20th).