A Closer Look at the New Art for The Last of Us Part II

New concept art concerning The Last of US Part II; in particularly the character of Ellie; has been released by Naughty Dog over twitter. Some of the new concept art gives fans a better look at Ellies tattoo (which can be seen in the trailer).┬áNatalie Hall designed Ellie’s tattoo. This tattoo artist also had her arms and hands scanned for the trailers close-up shots of Ellie playing guitar.

The design shows off two pieces of greenery, with a moth on top of the bases of the greenery.


PlayStation made the announcement for The Last of Us Part II last week. Since then there has been so many fan-filled theories over what to expect from the game in terms of storyline, and although the game is still in the early stages of production, Naughty Dog isn’t revealing anything yet. ┬áThe only thing players do know for sure is that they will play as Ellie; and that the game is at least partially about “hate”.