Battlerite Is in Steam’s Global Top Sellers, Big Update Next Week


Stunlock Studios and co-investor Coffee Stain Studios are excited to share that Battlerite has climbed to the number 1 spot on Steam’s Global Top Sellers list during the Battlerite Free Weekend event. More than 440,000 copies have been sold in only 9 weeks and approximately 227,000 new users played Battlerite during the free-to-play event.

Battlerite is an action-packed PvP brawler that is the spiritual successor to the cult-hit Bloodline Champions. The game combines the explosive combination of a top-down shooter and fast-paced fighting game, played in quick 2v2 and 3v3 matches. You can dodge bullets and pull off deadly combos with WASD movement and cursor aiming. The goal of Battlerite is about skill-shots, teamplay and fast reactions.

Stunlock Studios are revealing more information and showcasing the first screenshots regarding the next big update. Winter Patch (Patch 0.10) is set to release on Wednesday December 14th, players can look forward to a new ranking system, winter themed weapons for all champions, the first legendary outfits and a new champion who has yet to be introduced. The developers have also included general gameplay fixes and character polish.