Halo 4 OXM Feature Sheds Light on Rogue Covenant Faction

halo 4 cortana

Halo 4 has been receiving a lot of coverage leading up to its release, and with good reason–it's only the biggest, most highly anticipated game coming out this year.

The latest magazine to issue a feature on Halo 4 has been the Official Xbox Magazine. Much of the feature is made up of details we've already known about the game, such as the game's co-op campaign, competitive modes, and some of the Promethean enemies the Master Chief will be facing down this time around.

What's interesting about the feature is its confirmation that the splinter faction of the Covenant will play a hostile role in Halo 4. Described as "barmy religious nutters," the rogue faction continues to follow the word of the Prophets and lands upon the planet of Requiem, in which the game is set, to uncover some hidden weapon.

We've seen bits and pieces of these renegade Covenant forces who've donned the moniker of "Storm" prefixing their status in Halo 4 toys and other leaked bits of information about the game.

The feature also suggests that the Prometheans are protecting 'something important' on Requiem–presumably a weapon of mass destruction, or some such.

The rest of the information contained within the coverage is relatively stale, so I'll just leave it at that.

Halo 4 is set for release on the Xbox 360 this coming November.