Deep Silver Twitter Account Teases Sacred World

Publisher Deep Silver, which has historically shown itself to be proficient in the art of marketing, has just teased another game on its Twitter account.

We don’t know much about the game, except to say that it’s called Sacred World. The link to the official website doesn’t offer much in the way of information: instead we’re given an enigmatic orb/talisman floating against a black background and a date, although we can't be sure exactly what that signifies (will we be hearing more official details, or is that the launch date for the website?) 

Whatever it is, one can hope that Sacred World is as mysterious and enigmatic as this little teaser implies it to be—and we can perhaps extrapolate the plausibility of it being a multiplayer-focused take on the Sacred action RPG games. 

Who knows? We’ll have to just wait until August 7 to find out what Sacred World is all about.