Is The Elder Scrolls 6 in Development?

All players hoping for an Elder Scrolls’ sequel might be in for a bit of a shock. Many who follow the franchise’s develop will know that Bethesda Game Studios took over the franchise after its last release in 2014 (Elder Scrolls Online). Since Bethesda put out Fallout 4 last year, many Elder Scroll fans were hoping that the developers and publishers would turn their attention to the popular RPG series. However this was not the case, as Todd Howard (head of Bethesda Game Studios) announced that the title is not in “active development”.


Todd Howard went on to say that Elder Scrolls isn’t “what you would call a big active project, right now”. This still leaves fans a little glimmer of hope, as Todd does acknowledge that the game will be released “one day”.

The delay between Elder Scrolls title could potentially yield fruit, as it gives Bethesda time to improve its graphics engine for current-gen consoles.  Hopefully, The Elder Scrolls 6 can succeed where many others have not, and truly wow the fanbase with impressive visuals and gameplay.