GTA 5 Thanksgiving update: Something to Really be Thankful for.

The updates for Grand Theft Auto V continue with Rockstar Games launching their new update today. The update is multiplayer focused, and launches a new mode (Kill Quota), premium race (High Flier), and premium car (Bravado Youga Classic).

By far the biggest draw to this update is the new mode. The new mode is called Kill Quota, in which up to 16 players can participate. The match begins by giving the hosts a selection of four loadouts; each containing six weapons. each team must achieve the set number of kills before moving onto the next least powerful weapon. The first team to run through all the six weapons, or achieves the most amount of kills within the set time limit, wins.


Rockstar Games will also be offering Thanksgiving Bonuses with the update. Rockstar is offering double GTA$ and RP in Kill Quota, as well as in the Every Bullet Counts, Running Back, and Inch by Inch modes–however, these only pay out double on Thanksgiving Day (November 24). Rockstar Games is also offering 25% off on certain vehicles, vehicle customization, weapons, and clothing.

This new update is certainly something to be thankful for this November.