New Weapon Updates for Other-worldly Action RPG Death’s Gambit

In development since 2013, Death’s Gambit is probably best described as indie studio White Rabbit’s 2D take on the Dark Souls series. While it was originally intended for release this year, it seems like an extended timeframe is required to ensure gameplay updates – including weapon refinement – are complete.


Listed on the Death’s Gambit devlog are a line-up of dagger abilities and a new greatsword ability. The dagger is described as a utility focused weapon with unique recharging abilities if players successfully time perfect dodge rolls, and comes with three main attack styles: blink, frozen strike and assassinate. The greatsword has been upgraded with a cross slash function, allowing players to charge their sword and hurl projectile slashes into enemies. White Rabbit explains that these features are by no means a comprehensive description of final weapon details, which we can expect to receive in the near future.

Death’s Gambit is due to be released in early 2017 for PC, Mac and PS4.