Too Rude For Down Under? Genital Jousting not Available in Australia, NZ

Genital Jousting, much like the name suggests, is a multiplayer party game about “flaccid penises and wiggly anuses” for up to eight players. The game, which is prohibited on Twitch and is not for sale in Australia or New Zealand, features more than 10 different modes, dressing games, and realistic penile simulations. Many game modes are characterised by sexually suggestive humour: players control a detached cartoon penis that must “penetrate and be penetrated as fast as possible”.


Publisher Devolver Digital chose not to sell the game in Australia or New Zealand, claiming that they are saving themselves “from a likely ban”: Devolver Digital have faced a previous ban for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which was refused classification in Australia last year due to violent content including implied sexual violence.

Genital Jousting, which is still in development, is from the same team behind  2D Co-op arcade shooter Broforce.

The game is expected to release in 2017 for PC.