Ellen McLain Summons GLaDOS to Voice Support for GaymerCon

Ellen McLain, voice actress known primarily for her role as Portal's GLaDOS, has reprised the role for a short youtube video in which she endorses GaymerCon, the first gaming convention with a focus on LGBT culture.

The convention, to be held on August 3 an 4 in 2013, aims to provide an open and inclusive environment for everyone in the gaming community, as well as discussing the presence of sexuality in our digital lives and media while embracing geek culture as a potential outlet for social change. The convention also aims to support and foster creativity in design and development.

Says the website,

"'Gaming' is gargantuan, billion dollar industry – and despite its enormity, there still lacks an outlets for alternative gamers in the world. It is equally as hard for publishers to connect with and reach out to that audience.

Gaming is a common shared experience that helps us escape, educates us and helps to define who we are and want to be. Gay, Black, Latino, Lesbian, Asian, Kinksters, Women, Transgendered, Bi, Nuns, Swedes, Hipsters, Brownies, Trekkies, Xbots, Robots, Holograms, Dwarves, Lawyers and Monsters #everyonegames"

The convention organizers will be launching a Kickstarter on August 3 of this year, so look out for that in a few days! Or GLaDOS will hunt you down.