Guild Wars 2’s Latest Living World Episode is “A Crack in the Ice”

Season 3: Episode 3 of Guild Wars 2’s on-going “Living World” is coming on November 21st.

The next episode of Living World Season 3, “A Crack in the Ice,” is arriving on Monday, and follows the aftermath of Heart of Thorns – a flood of unbound magic, the rise of two Elder Dragons, and the birth of the dragon Glint’s child, Aurene. In “A Crack in the Ice,” players will follow that story into the Northern Shiverpeaks, territory of the Elder Dragon Jormag.

Along with “A Crack in the Ice” comes the brand-new Nightmare fractal. This five-person, instanced dungeon takes players on an upward climb through a massive tower, which is heavily guarded by powerful abominations and their toxic experiments.

In preparation for the new content, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is being sold at a discount of 50% until November 22. Every purchase of the game includes a level 80 boost. You’ll need to own Heart of Thorns to experience the new content. You can bank episodes to play later by simply logging in during the period before a future episode is released. They don’t need to have completed the storyline in the expansion to enjoy Season 3.