5 Important Takeaways From The Walking Dead’s S7 Ep 4: “Service”


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Service” gave us a lot of information to process. So, let’s break it down and rehash what we have learned. We got a taste of more of Negan’s scare tactics, Daryl’s continued submission to Negan, the huge bombshell news that Judith is actually Shane’s baby, some defiance of the new regime from Rosita and Spencer, and also the cold truth, that Rick is not in charge of Alexandria anymore…Negan is.

Rick Is Not the Leader Anymore


Let’s start with the most terrifying thing to come to fruition, the fact that Rick is not in charge of Alexandria anymore. When Rick gathers the residents of Alexandria into the church, he stresses how important it is that the missing two guns are found. Keeping in mind the fact that Olivia’s life was on the line, he tells everyone that hiding guns wouldn’t do them any good as The Saviors were bound to find them.

Or perhaps worse, see them carrying the illegal weapons on their person. There are more Saviors than there are people of Alexandria, and the key to everyone’s survival is their full cooperation. Once Rick told them he wasn’t the leader anymore, actually said it out loud, people believed it. They witnessed the exchange of power, much to their obvious dismay and anger. Trying to rebel isn’t worth it if someone’s life is put in danger.

Carl Still Has Some Fight Left in Him


Although Rick may be pretty broken by Negan’s regime, Carl remains pretty spirited. Despite how scared he is, he manages to pick up a gun and threaten one of Negan’s men when he tries to take their belongings. He says the group is stronger than they look and he has no idea how strong they are. Rick is actually the first to talk Carl down, or tries to. Negan quickly squashes Carl’s little rebellion however.

However, that likely will not crush Carl’s spirit in the least. Rick has seen a lot in his life, while Carl is still young and has some fight left in him. Rick has the duty now of making sure everyone stays in line to avoid Negan’s wrath. Carl is bound by no such responsibility, so it will be interesting to see what other ways he will try to rebel against the man who usurped his father.

No, Daryl Isn’t Coming Back Any Time Soon…


Rick makes of Negan, what most of us think would be a simple request. Can we have Daryl back? Negan, of course, denies this. He even asks Daryl to come forward and “plead his case” to stay in Alexandria. Daryl is curiously silent. It seems as though for the time being Negan has scared him into submission, or, he could just be saving his pride by refusing to reply. Seeing a strong and outspoken character such as Daryl so broken and silent is one of the most terrifying things this season.

It seems to be apparent that Daryl has no choice in the matter, and Negan will use him as a bargaining chip for as long as he has Alexandria under his thumb. It’s uncertain what exactly he will be made to do at The Saviors’ compound, but Negan did hint that he would have to work for points. And, in true Negan fashion, he said that Daryl would wish he was dead afterwards, so we know for sure it won’t be pleasant.

Rick is Pretty Broken, And We’re Really Seeing It Now 


The determining factor for me that showed Rick was completely Negan’s man was when he took Michonne’s sniper rifle. It was the last gun in Alexandria, unless of course you count the one Rosita stole off the walker. Rick proved that even though he didn’t tell anyone she had the gun, he had to tell Negan. He didn’t want to risk him finding it and meting out any more punishment than he already has. “If they give them what they want, we live in peace.” He said.

From his speech to the townsfolk, to trying to talk Carl down, and finally to reaching into the private sector of his life, he’s treating Negan as an all-seeing eye. He is now completely ruled by fear because the people around him are worth so much to him. And Negan always follows through on his threats, so he’s pretty much stuck. After witnessing firsthand the murders of two of  his group members, I’d say Rick’s going to be loyal for a long time.

So, Judith Isn’t Rick’s Daughter?


Rick drops a pretty big bombshell when he says that Judith isn’t his, and he knows it. Lori was with Shane for a while during season 1 of the show because they thought Rick was dead. Regardless, however, Rick is a pretty awesome dad and loves his children more than anything. So, naturally, much of what he is doing by cowing his head to Negan is for their sake. And it’s pretty apparent that he can’t lose anyone else.

He reveals this to Michonne, and she is the only person who knows thus far. What she does with this information will be interesting. She is already pretty upset at him for what he’s gotten the group into, and he’s not the only one. Spencer has also shown his dissent, as he was the one who hid the guns under the floorboard of his house… because he didn’t trust Rick as a leader. Yeah, definitely a lot of things to dissect there…