Left 4 Dead’s Lost Campaign Released

left 4 dead
There were originally plans to develop a 5th campaign for the original Left 4 Dead, called Dam It. It was supposed to connect the events between Dead Air and Blood Harvest together but the developers never got around to it.

Well, the creators at Turtle Rock have finally gotten around to finishing it and have released it. All you need is a copy of Left 4 Dead to play it.

Posting on the company’s official blog, developer Chris Ashton writes: “Just finished putting the Dam campaign that we streamed a while back into a L4D addon. It’s gray box, and some code features are missing but it’s playable from beginning to end. It also includes two standalone survival maps that never shipped.”

Given that it’s still unfinished, certain things in the maps are broken. Notably, there are no panic events in the hangars, zombies don’t crawl all the time in the orchard, the farm house mob doesn’t spawn in the far side of the woods, the covered bridge doesn’t explode like it’s supposed to, and the burned forest area is missing ambient fire.

As to why they’re going back to work on Left 4 Dead is anyone’s guess. Given that the studio has ceased all work with Evolve, we might actually see something on Left 4 Dead 3 in the near future. We can only keep our fingers crossed that this is the case.