The Walking Dead Season 7 Predictions: Who Will Die?


The Walking Dead’s explosive first episode of season 7 left many fans devastated over the massive loss of two beloved characters. With both Glenn and Abraham gone from the roster, we can’t help but wonder who’s next up on the chopping block, or, next in the batting cage if you’re Negan.

Considering the tight grip that Negan has over The Kingdom, The Hilltop, and now Alexandria… no one is safe. Here are some of our predictions for the deaths that may occur in season 7. They have already killed off two of the main characters, so it’s up in the air as to what will happen next.

This article was written after viewing the first two episodes of season 7, so of course these are all opinions and things are subject to change.



Negan is probably the show’s most hated villain right now, as he makes previous powerhouses such as Governor look incredibly tame. He works by breaking people into subservience and controlling them with fear. We are not sure when, and we are not sure how it will be done, but we sense that since Negan has ruffled a lot of feathers, he’s going to get the ax this season. Although Negan has an incredible amount of control over The Hilltop, Alexandria, and The Kingdom, certain groups are finding passive ways to rebel. For example, we saw that King Ezekiel’s Kingdom in the latest episode fed the animals they sent to Negan with walkers to fatten them up. In doing so, they allowed themselves to keep the fruits and vegetables they grew with their own toil while still satisfying Negan’s needs. It is likely that the three groups will somehow band together to take down The Saviors, and now we are beginning to see small seeds of rebellion being sown.

Dwight (D) 


Chances are if Negan’s regime is toppled when the three groups who are oppressed band together, Dwight has little to no chance of survival. As a high-ranking member of The Saviors, his undying loyalty to Negan isn’t going to earn him any points with anyone who rebels. Dwight is also the one who put Daryl in that van under Negan’s orders, so his track record is pretty terrible. The Saviors have a lot of men, however, and they will not go down easily in a fight. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out this season for sure. It is also possible that since Dwight was a reluctant member of the Saviors, Negan could also introduce him to Lucille for any upsets he causes.

Sasha Williams


Sasha tends to be ruled by her emotions and at times does not think clearly. She has also lost Abraham at the hands of Negan. Sasha tends to act rashly when she opens herself up to her emotions. Abraham was her support system, as they were so similar in personality, they were there for each other. Perhaps vengeance will put her in danger. Will her hot-headedness prevail in this season, especially with the emotional trauma that she’s endured? When it comes down to a fight, Sasha may put herself in a perilous situation to sacrifice it all now that she doesn’t have much left.

Carol Peletier


Carol is easily one of the strongest characters on the show, and one of the most intelligent. Her uncanny ability to become a “chameleon”, blend in with her surroundings, use what resources she has to gain her strength back, and then leave, has saved her life so many times throughout the series. Her journey from season 1 to now is just mind-blowing. She is a resilient survivalist, and King Ezekiel recognized those traits in her. He figured her out and gave her the choice to, “Go, and don’t go” because he knew that was how she worked. Carol removed herself from the fantasy and idealism of The Kingdom, but did that choice leave her vulnerable to other influences? Even though she’s close by, Carol might not be as safe as she thinks.

King Ezekiel


The danger for Ezekiel is that his entire Kingdom is built on a pretense. If he stops serving Negan, then the entire Kingdom will crumble, which places everyone involved in a very precarious situation indeed. As the “ruler” of The Kingdom, which is the second biggest settlement next to The Hilltop, Ezekiel lives under the illusion of control. The Kingdom is a fairy tale, which Carol recognized immediately, that they’re not safe if they stop paying off Negan. The balance could be upset very easily, and Ezekiel himself is not a fighter, he’s merely a survivalist. Ezekiel is also very inclusive and has a strong conscience, he cares very deeply about the survival of his Kingdom.