Destiny 2 is “On Schedule,” Will Feature Constant Content Updates


Destiny 2 is on schedule for release in 2017. Speaking at Activision’s financial briefing today, Eric Hirshberg said that the upcoming game would have a lot to offer players, promising to deliver constant content releases so the game wouldn’t suffer from content droughts like its predecessor.

“We’re on track and excited about what we think is going to be an awesome sequel for Destiny in 2017,” he said.

The publisher did not comment on exactly when the game would come out or whether it’ll be headed to the PC, but he said that the sequel would engage current players as well as bring in “new fans.”

Hirshberg acknowledged that the first game suffered from content drought, with new content being released very sporadically. The sequel will see much more timely releases of new content, he said.

“Beyond that, the incredible demand for Destiny content has somewhat outpaced our ability to deliver upon that demand, and going forward along with our partners at Bungie, have put together what we believe is a very smart approach that will allow us to deliver the steady stream of great content to keep our players engaged and keep our universe alive and growing in the wake of that sequel,” said Hirshberg.

Destiny 2 is rumored for release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in September 2017. We’ll see if that rumor holds true next year.