10 Incredibly Awesome Overwatch Cosplays By Incredibly Talented Cosplayers

overwatch-heroes-background-blizzard-1080x623Blizzard’s Overwatch has not only taken the gaming world by storm, but also the cosplay world! As a cosplayer myself, I know how important it is to showcase the talented people that I have encountered and give them the credit they deserve for creating such awesome costumes.

Overwatch has an amazing range of characters, all with some pretty impressive outfits and some really cool weapons that they use to deal out damage, defend their team, or completely disrupt their enemy’s formation.

Please check out the pages I have linked and check out their other (non-Overwatch) work because there is some impressive talent packed into this list!


Junkrat by Zonbi

Junkrat by Zonbi, Photo by AC Cosplay

First up is everyone’s favorite loveable scamp with a penchant for explosives, Junkrat. This amazing genderbend is cosplayed by Costumes by Zonbi . Zonbi is not only a great friend of mine, but she has worked very hard to take her cosplay to the next level by learning new skills with each costume and prop that she creates. Her photographer, AC Cosplay knows just how to capture Junkrat’s playful side… with a rip-tire in hand. Fire in the hole!


Cosplayer: Jannet "Incosplay" Vinogradova

Widowmaker by Jannet “Incosplay” Vinogradova

Jannet “Incosplay” Vinogradova is easily one of the most accurate Widowmaker cosplayers I have ever seen in my life. Her attention to detail with something as complex as Widowmaker’s bodysuit is just astounding. Her features already greatly resemble Widowmaker’s, but the makeup just completes the look and adds a new dimension to her cosplay. Her headpiece, and armor, and the design of her bracers really tie the costume together and makes you never want to look away because you are so lost in the amazing detail work. “Step into my parlor.” said the spider to the fly. 

Reinhardt (Lionhardt Skin)

Lionhardt by Chad (of Hoku Props)

Lionhardt by Chad Van Wye (of Hoku Props) at TwitchCon 2016 

This incredible cosplayer, Chad Van Wye of Hoku Props, stole the show and won the $15,000 grand prize at this year’s TwitchCon. His costume is not only built on a lifelike, massive scale, as Reinhardt’s armor would be, he even has an LED eye prosthetic to tie in the already impressive build.  The dedication and time that went into crafting this cosplay is just amazing. The detailing and paint job is spot on and superb as well. Without a doubt his win was well deserved! Let me show you how it’s done! 



Symmetra by Lunar Crow, Photo by Brandon Klemets

This stunning Symmetra is cosplayed by Lunar Crow. The articulation in her robotic arm is just astounding, as well as the seamless LED work that has been incorporated into her build, in her visor and her Photon Projector. Her build for those pieces is also amazing, appearing exactly as they would in the game. The combination of fabrics that she used for Symmetra’s dress really compliment each other in a solid and cohesive way that Symmetra herself would be proud of. The photo taken by Brandon Klemets captures Symmetra’s poise and composure. Perfect harmony.



D.Va by Mio, Photo by MengjieLuan

This adorable D.Va cosplay really captures her winning personality. Mio‘s well-designed suit has all of the details, including some dimensionality with her shoulder pieces and her headset. D.Va’s gun really packs a punch when she’s out of her mech if you know how to wield it, and Mio is an expert. The craftsmanship on the gun also makes it look super realistic, with the paint job and shading. Mio’s cute pink tiger stripes on her face polish off her look…like D.Va polishes off her enemies. D.Va one, bad guys zero.



Reaper by Bloodraven Cosplay, Photo by JAYKID

Another incredible genderbend is brought to life by Bloodraven Cosplay! This is a cosplay to Die, Die, Die for! This amazing photo by JAYKID has some great shadow effects that Reaper uses in his wraith form. Bloodraven has made this cosplay so stylish and chic while keeping the integrity of Reaper’s original design. The detail and sculpting on the chest piece, boots, and shotguns are just mind-blowing. Her pose says it all, edgy, in control, and shows that death truly walks among us. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.



Mercy by Oshley Cosplay, Photo by CosLife

Ever angelic, everyone’s favorite healer is beautifully portrayed by Oshley Cosplay. Just looking at the wings alone reveal a superior level of craftsmanship and time spent on this costume. Even the wig styling is incredible, with a very realistic texture to add volume and dimension to the overall costume. This beautifully detailed shot by CosLife captures all of the delicate details that one would normally overlook and showcase the cosplay in its entirety. With her blue contacts and golden halo she ensures that Heroes Never Die! 



Mei by Momokun Cosplay, Photo by Dapper Geek News

The wonderful Momokun Cosplay makes a super cute Mei, especially with pose! Just looking at her cosplay as a whole is a treat, because she has spared no expense with her detail work nor her superior craftsmanship. From her endothermic blaster to her awesome arctic boots, the use of such a wide variety of materials for this cosplay is nothing short of impressive. This shot by Dapper Geek News has Mei looking onward to anticipate what’s next. Simply A-Mei-zing!



Zarya by Jechts, Photo by Krashly

This epic genderbend of Zarya is brought to life by Jechts. He really got the wig spiking right, capturing Zarya’s spiky cut just perfectly. The scale of the Particle Cannon as well is just perfect. The details from head to toe are just amazing, including the subtle genderbent tweaks in the design that allowed his own interpretation to shine through brilliantly. This photo by Krashly shows you that Zarya is really someone you don’t wanna mess with. Get down, give me twenty!



Zenyatta by ShellShocked Cosplay, Photo by Greg De Stefano Photography

This cosplay impresses me especially because Zenyatta spends most of his time floating, so it’s interesting to see what he looks like when he needs to walk around. Shellshocked Cosplay has done an incredible job with this entire build, right down to his omnic feet. The lighting of this photo, taken by Greg De Stefano, does an amazing job of capturing the paint detail that so much resembles metal. The articulation of the fingers is equally as impressive. We are in harmony.