New Complaints Push Destiny Dev to Discuss Its Anti-Cheating Strategy


Destiny developer Bungie has responded to the recent report from fans about cheating in the Crucible as part of its latest weekly blog post. The developer acknowledged that there has indeed been “some concern”, but most specifically in the area of DDoS cheating for the Trials of Osiris mode. DDoS attacks overload your connection, causing it to fail.

Bungie said it takes the subject of cheating “very seriously” and reiterated that players can alert them to suspicious activity. Bungie has “several” full-time staffers that are dedicated to the ensuring the security of the Destiny battlefield who look over these in-game reports and decide the best course of action.

However, if you can’t or don’t want to use the in-game reporting feature you have another option. You can report suspicious activity through Destiny’s online tool. 

Bungie also clarified that player reports, while they are important, are only one step in the process that could eventually lead to action being taken against a player. The developer is not willing to discuss these protocols but wants players to know that they exist. “As a policy, we don’t publicize how they work so cheaters can’t learn ways to evade them.” Bungie said.

“The Banhammer is swung often. We take DDoS attacks very seriously.” It added.