Hitman: Sniper Receives A Halloween-Themed Update


There have been plenty of video game titles receiving their Halloween-themed updates, giving an overall spooky feel to the environment and gameplay. Today, a new press release was sent out revealing that Square Enix Montreal has released a new time-limited update for Hitman: Sniper, a mobile video game available for both iOS and Android.

Within the video game, this Halloween-themed update will give Agent 47 a special time-limited weapon. The weapon is a deadly crossbow known as the Exorcist and it will give players three new abilities to take out their targets. The press release describes the three new abilities as summoning an unfriendly ghost, a vicious impaling, and lastly, a volley of lethal barbed arrows.

Additionally, our protagonist Agent 47 along with the mountainous Montenegro region has been decorated in spooky attire.


If you have yet to pick up the video game, Hitman: Sniper offers gamers a competitive mobile shooter title. With over a hundred missions, players progression will earn new sniper rifles, abilities, and a spot on the leaderboard. To earn the top spot you’ll have to work with the environment to take out your targets undetected.

As mentioned above, Hitman: Sniper is available for both Android and iOS at a $0.99 price tag.