7 Days Until the Hitman Season Finale, 7 Trailers Lead Up to It


For the next seven days there will be seven trailers that will culminate with the epic grand finale for Hitman, closing its first season. This creative idea is designed to give a recap of what missions Agent 47 has already completed, and leave fans eager for the last episode.

October 31st is the date set for the Season Finale, and to mark the occasion, a new trailer will be posted on the official Youtube account each day to build up hype and act as an inventive version of a countdown to the Finale.

The trailers will follow a similar structure as the game. The order they will be released in is: Prologue, Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido.

The first trailer for the game has been released today. This trailer showcases a location called the ICA Facility. Each trailer is set to feature a different location and will follow the order of the episodes.

The facility seems to be complete with an aircraft hangar and is heavily guarded, so it will be no easy task for Agent 47 to infiltrate it. But, of course, using his skills as an assassin, he makes short work of the mission. For only being about 34 seconds long, this trailer compiles some exciting game play and footage to entice anyone who is interested in getting into the first Season.