Voice Actor Strike Unveils List Of Unannounced Video Game Titles


You’ve likely heard about SAG-AFTRA and the recent strike. If not, this is a strike where voice actors that are part of this SAG-AFTRA union, have officially stepped down from a series of video game productions until their demands are met.

Most of these demands are rather straightforward such as bonus payments for when the video game IP hits a series of milestones, health concerns for more demanding vocal scripts, along with more transparency before voice actor’s sign onto a project. Nevertheless, this strike has successfully shut down a series of projects that were currently in the works.

Thanks to a post made by Warpzoned, we got word of the union publishing a list of projects that have been put on hold for the time being. A large number of these projects go by codenames, leaving us wondering just what video game titles are currently in production, but there have been a few that unveiled select unannounced titles.

Some of the video game titles that were previously unannounced include Madden NFL 18, NHL 18, Lego Marvel 2, and Brothers in Arms. Again, there are a number of other video game titles from notable companies such as Take-Two and EA, but the projects are under codenames such as Alligator, Odin, and Timbits.

For now, you can get a quick overview of what the strike is about and just what the voice actors are demanding from publishers and developers by reading out coverage post here.